About Promohire

Promohire enjoys a pedigree background as we are part of the Raccoon Group, a multi-award winning brand production business. Raccoon has been the market leader since 1992.

But how did Promohire start, and how did it become an award winning business in its own right?

Back in 2010, a client came to us with a request to graphically wrap a VW Camper he had sourced for an upcoming promotional road trip. During a few conversations, it quickly transpired that the vehicle in question was somebody’s pride and joy. Once the owner was aware that we were going to wrap it, and the client was then going to drive it around the UK for three months, they changed their minds about hiring the vehicle out.

Promohire was then born!

We quickly sourced a similar vehicle for the client and purchased it for the campaign. The client was over the moon and the promotional road trip was a huge success. Since that first purchase, we have kept adding to our fleet which today stands at over forty vehicles of different shapes and sizes.

Our vehicles have been on many an adventure, and are regularly sought after by brands and agencies to help create meaningful experiences. You will have seen our vehicles in many settings;  from experiential events, field marketing and PR stunts to roadshows, sampling campaigns and brand activations. Highly creative, our team can transform a vehicle into whateveryou need with catering equipment, furniture and props. Our wraps are breathtaking too, ensuring your brand is taken to the next level.

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