You know we are about more than just vehicles right?

We conceive winning ideas for experiential campaigns too! 

We are often approached at the point a client has decided on the vehicle they would like to run with for a campaign, and are therefore looking for a supplier. Nothing wrong with that, particularly if the brand is used to running campaigns including a promotional vehicle. There will be a great deal of knowledge and experience they are drawing from which is always positive.

There are situations however where we can add even more value. Perhaps you know you want to run an experiential campaign but are in the scoping phase and are open to ideas. This is the perfect time to give us a call. Promohire has worked on hundreds of campaigns; we’ve seen campaigns soar, and projects not do so well – so we can share a lot with you that you might find interesting.


We are a collaborative bunch, and the more we understand about what you are trying to do at the outset, the better the end result. This can hugely affect the type of vehicle and facilities you will need for a successful campaign. Although we have an extensive fleet to choose from, perhaps an ‘off the shelf’ vehicle will curtail your big idea, in which case let us build you the perfect solution. That's exactly what we did for Pilsner Urquell - read the case study HERE.


Aside from the vehicle, did you know we can provide drivers and brand ambassadors too? Our team know exactly what you are trying to achieve when it comes to a brand activation or sampling campaign and can make a real difference to your results. We are also a safe pair of hands when it comes to campaign logistics. We’ll guarantee your vehicle arrives at its planned destination which is peace of mind, particularly if you have a multi-stop roadshow or tour planned. (You may also find it helpful to utilise our storage facility in between campaigns as well).


It doesn’t end there either. You’ll want to maximise your campaign in every way and this will include all the branding aspects. Promohire is owned by Raccoon, an award-winning brand production agency. We deliver bespoke solutions regularly, and have a ‘nothing is impossible’ attitude! From portable displays to bespoke structures, staging, props, themed environments and branded promotional items, we’ve got it all covered.


And lastly, we can help with the all-important campaign measurement. From data capture relating to footfall during your campaign, right through to managing and reporting on your social media engagement - our team can bring an end-to-end approach to your campaign.

So in summary, yes we can provide you with an inspiring and eye catching vehicle, but we can also help guide you at the very outset on the winning campaign concept. We are buzzing with ideas and would love to be part of your campaign creative team. What have you got to lose? Put your next creative brief our way and let us help you expand your thinking!