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Promohire’s bespoke vehicle fit out and build services

By James Weber on Jan 24, 2023 1:42:55 PM

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Blue Barebells Land Rover Defender

Promohire has the ability to source, restore and convert almost any vehicle you like into a permanent marketing asset.

This means that we will work with you to find the perfect vehicle to match your aspirations, we will restore it to full working order (a common requirement if you want a vintage vehicle), and we will convert it to suit your marketing requirements.

In this article I will explain what we can and what can’t do in detail, helping you decide if our conversion services are a good fit for you.


Promohire’s vehicle conversion services explained

Conversion includes a wide variety of permanent or temporary modifications. If you have browsed Our Vehicle Options and flicked through the galleries of images, then you will already know there isn’t much we can’t do when it comes to design.

Expect a lead time of up to 9 months from first enquiry to finished vehicle. Projects usually only take about 4-6 months but clients typically don’t finalise plans for a build until 2-3 months after their first enquiry. A potential 9 month waiting time is something you should factor into your plans for the vehicle.

You can bring a vehicle to us for conversion or we can source, restore and convert one from scratch. We have a lot of experience and are happy to advise you on the kind of vehicle best suited to bringing your brand to life.


What we can do

We convert vehicles into mobile billboards, food trucks, barista setups, cafés, sampling vehicles, mobile product stores, shop fronts, drinks bars, ice cream trucks, photo backdrops, DJ Booths, mobile concert stages, support vehicles, general stylish transport and much, much more.

We can fully modify the vehicle to fit with whatever your goal is, nothing is really off the table. We’ve done everything from double decker Milk Floats to Pop-Up Defender bars, so we aren’t afraid of elaborate or challenging expectations.

We wrap the exterior of the vehicle in a layer of branded vinyl, as per your design specifications. We can also build you external props that either mount to the vehicle itself, are removable, or are a separate free-standing addition to your overall intended display.

Promohire what we can do Gary Parker Black Kraken Land Rover Defender

We fully equip your vehicle with everything it needs to hit the road. Lighting, chargers, kettles, coffee machines, ice cream machines, fridges, freezers, microwaves, fryers, griddles, ovens, water heaters – whatever you need, we can get it and install it.

We also take care of power, with a variety of traditional and sustainable options available. From solar panels and batteries to gas bottles and generators, we do it all.

We take your brief to heart, meaning we will build exactly what we agree with you. Design flaws may become apparent along the way, but we iron out problems in the planning stage and anything that does slip through gets taken care of by our quality control procedures at no extra cost to you.

If a problem does necessitate a design change, we will of course let you know and adjust the design based upon what we both agree is the best workaround.


Example Build: Häagen Dazs

Our services are custom, you can have pretty much whatever you want. A good recent example is client Häagen Dazs, who came to us with a particularly elaborate plan. They asked us to convert a Citroën relay Van into a bespoke branded Ice Cream Van.

Haagen Dasz modern sampling van Ice Cream Van DJ Booth

As part of this build we fully branded the vehicle according to Häagen Dazs’ brief and made a number of modifications to the vehicle. These included adding a point of sale terminal next to the vending window and a number of giant Ice cream props to the roof.

Ice cream scoop see saw Haagen Dasz

We even installed a hidden DJ booth inside the largest ice cream prop. The giant ice cream could then be opened via hydraulics to reveal a live DJ inside. It was a great addition to the build and customers loved it!

We also fabricated several custom external props for Häagen Dazs including a huge ice cream scoop seesaw.


What we can’t do

We can’t go any faster, sorry! As mentioned previously it can take up to 6 months to build a project once all design elements are agreed upon.

Everything we make is custom and high end, we don’t standardise, and we don’t operate assembly style production lines. This means that builds take time.

However, what you get from this is a completely unique branded vehicle built exactly to your specifications. There won’t be anything else like it on the road and it will be ready to enter service the moment it leaves our shop.


When you should use us

If you want a fully customised vehicle branded and built to your exact specifications, then Promohire will be a great partner for you.


When you shouldn’t use us

If you just want a standard blank trailer or van, then we might not be your best option. There are plenty of companies that specialise in converting specific vehicles, and they will be able to do that cheaper and faster than we will.

However, they won’t give you free reign on the design, everything will be standardised with maybe a couple of options. You will also still have to brand the vehicle afterward so bear that in mind.


Why we are different

Promohire was born out of sister company Raccoon, a printing, signage and graphics specialist. In other words we’re creatives first, engineers second.

Food & Drink Tabasco Pick me up café Dodge Aeromate Utilimaster US Postal Van red

Our background is in brand production, vehicle wrapping, printing and other graphical mediums.

Typical businesses in the vehicle conversion space are the other way around with most having no graphical expertise whatsoever.

This means that from most companies you can expect a nicely converted vehicle, but it won’t be on-brand, and it won’t have the panache or flair of a Promohire build.

Most of the time you get back a blank slate vehicle that you will have to get branded elsewhere.

Food & Drink Tabasco Pick me up café Dodge Aeromate Utilimaster US Postal Van red

If you have just gotten a blank van or trailer converted, we are more than happy to help you with branding and any applicable customisation. Please be aware however, that depending on how the vehicle was constructed we may only be able to make cosmetic changes.

It’s much simpler if you the run the whole project through us in the first place, but obviously that choice is up to you. If you do choose Promohire though, we will work with you every step of the way.

From sourcing the perfect vehicle to guiding you through the design process, you can count on us to support you, keep you in the loop, ultimately: bring your vehicle to life!


What are my next steps?

If you like what you reading, a Promohire promotional build might just be for you! Before you jump in and call us though, we just need to ask you something: are you sure buying is a good option for you?

Sometimes clients reach out to commission a promotional vehicle build without qualifying whether they have a genuine long-term need for the vehicle, whether the lead time is realistic for them or whether the price is justifiable.

Many clients end up renting instead as it is easier to plan, faster, more affordable and you can use it as a trial to see if a permanent purchase is actually worth it.

To make this decision easier for you, check out our should you rent or buy a promotional vehicle article. It will break down both options in detail helping you to make the decision that best suits you.

James Weber

Written by James Weber

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