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This educational resource is packed full of information designed to answer your questions, explain our services and help you plan a successful campaign. 


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8 simple steps to prepare you for a promotional vehicle campaign

Planning a promotional vehicle campaign can seem daunting at first, but if you break down the operation down into stages, it will be much ...


Promotional vehicle costs and services explained

How much does it cost to hire a promotional vehicle? Price is affected by design, logistics, management, staffing and videographic requirements. For ...

8 min read

Case Study

QV Skincare's Airstream Roadshow

QV Skincare and The Do Collective Agency worked with Promohire on a UK-wide campaign all the way from Australia! Find out how the campaign went in ...

What to include in your Promotional vehicle hire brief

Putting together a promotional vehicle design brief? You can use this guide and attached form to organise everything in one ...

How to maximise your promotional vehicle campaign ROI

Promotional vehicle campaigns are a fantastic way to connect with customers to drive up engagement with your brand. But just how effective ...


Promotional vehicle design 101

What goes into a promotional vehicle design? Creating a high quality design starts with careful planning, and a solid understanding of 2D to 3D ...

4 min read


Promotional vehicle logistics 101

Promotional vehicle logistics planning and management is required to get your vehicle to your event, whilst complying with all applicable rules and ...

6 min read


Top 6 vehicle specific questions to ask before you book a venue

Planning on bringing a vehicle to a venue? It’s best to be prepared for the kind of slipups that could cost you an activation day, or at best, a ...


10 questions to ask a promotional vehicle hire company

Having trouble finding a good promotional vehicle hire company? Try these 10 questions to find a company that bests fits you!

8 min read


5 promotional vehicle power questions you must ask a venue

Have you thought about how you’re going to power your next campaign project? Despite what you might think, power doesn’t run off of an ...


How to budget for a promotional vehicle campaign

Putting together a budget for a promotional vehicle campaign can often be rather stressful. It's hard to find out how much your requirements ...