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Promotional vehicle hire: design, delivery and beyond!

By Richard Clark on May 25, 2022 10:41:50 AM

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Newbie promotional vehicle design

What is it like to work with a promotional vehicle hire provider? At Promohire we customise promotional vehicles to order, for events and brand activations. We work with you to produce the most exciting, eye-catching and on brand designs possible.

Whether it be vehicle wrapping, building or external props, we have your back, making sure everything runs smoothly in the run up to your big day! But we don’t just stop at design, we provide a range of services from logistics to videography, to maximise your ROI.

In this article, we would like to explore our working process, from start to finish, in order to best give you an idea of how our services work, and what it’s like to work with us. For a full list of our costs and services, please refer to our pricing guide.


Getting started

We appreciate the excitement a novel activation brings, which is why we ask you to come prepared. Simply put: the more information you can give us the more we can help you!

We understand that you may well be reaching out to us without a finished design, and that is more than ok. You may have questions about our fleet; what can I do with ‘X’ vehicle? These are questions we will cover with you from the outset, ensuring you have the best vehicle for your campaign.

In the meantime check out our promotional vehicle checklist for a full list of the information we need to help you effectively. We also recommend browsing our Learning Centre for inspiration and tips on planning a campaign, although we do offer management services if required.


Settling on a design

A fine example of a highly polished interior build

The design stage begins when we receive a polished brief and have had a chance to chat about your ideas. Once we have a good idea of what you want, along with brand assets and guidelines, we can work together to produce a design that best represents your campaign goals.

We first send you a 2D template of your chosen vehicle for your design team to play with. We do offer support with this stage as the process of mapping a 2D design onto a 3D structure can be tricky for the uninitiated.

If you are struggling to get a design together we can offer a more managed design process, aiding in design production or creating mood boards etc. We can also provide you with 3D renders if required – it’s a great way of visualising your final creation.

Typically designs see about 3-4 revisions before final signoff, then we can get down to bringing your design to life.


The build

The build process takes about 5-6 weeks on average, though this can be longer if you have a particularly complex build. It will take longer for example, if you require us to build external props.

This is one of the reasons we like as much information as possible up front; it allows us to manage the pace of your build to line up precisely with your first event day.



Getting the finished product to your first event is fully handled by us as part of our logistical services. Depending on which vehicle you picked, we may opt to offer transport services. This is because some of the older vehicles are slow and need to be handled with specialist care.

For this reason, all our vehicles come with a dedicated driver too. As you can probably tell from our fleet page we are lucky enough to have access to a wide range of unique vehicles, and each one has it’s quirks. So we always use one of our professional drivers, who have the expertise and patience required to keep our vehicles happy.

Depending on your venue and your requirements you may have asked us to help you with setup. This might mean we send a banksman to get your vehicle situated in line with venue regulations or even an electrician to sort out any power issues.


Event dayNeed staffing on event day? We got you covered!

Again, depending on your requirements you may be doing this part all on your own or with our assistance. We can supply event managers, brand ambassadors, even a professional chef if you need one!

Whatever the case we will ensure your day runs smoothly, all our staff are extremely professional, experienced, and love what they do.


What are my next steps?

If you are planning a promotional campaign and need some inspiration, we highly recommend our Learning Centre. If you are looking for inspiration, try Pinterest, Google or our fleet section to source some fresh ideas.

If you are bit closer to knowing what you want, and you want a better idea of price, our pricing page is for you. We have a budget calculator that will give you a ballpark figure of what our services cost, in addition to a costs and services page that explains everything not covered by the calculator, in a lot more detail.

If you are ready to submit a brief, and you would like to work with us, head on over to our vehicle checklist, which will tell you what information we need to be able to help bring your creative vision to life.

Richard Clark

Written by Richard Clark

Founder of Raccoon, a graphics company launched in 1992. Still working hard to help businesses and brands connect with their target market!