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Game of Thrones H-Van PR stunt 

Game of Thrones Truck

Promohire was approached to help with an exciting project to promote HBO’s most popular TV series Game of Thrones.

The launch of the Season 3 DVD and Blu-Ray was imminent, and a one day PR stunt was planned in London.

The brand needed a vehicle to not only showcase the brand and draw in the crowds, but it also needed to tantalise the taste buds and serve up some authentic medieval fayre…

Our H-Van was the perfect vehicle for this event as it never fails to grab attention. Our wrap technicians worked with the Game of Thrones branding, and printed then applied its unmistakable elements to the vehicle to create a real wow factor. As soon as the van parked up, large crowds gathered to find out more.

And they were not disappointed. As part of the brief, we converted the interior of the H-Van to include a full service catering unit. The brand was keen to give fans a taste of Westeros as part of the promotion, and lucky Londoners were treated to medieval themed food such as wild boar sausages, pumpkin bread and root soup. As well as facilities to cook, Promohire converted the H-Van to include a hatch so that the food could be served directly from the vehicle. There was enough space for two people on-board to prepare and serve which allowed staff to manage the long queue of hungry Londoners as efficiently as possible.

One of the main characters Bran Stark (played by Isaac Hempstead-Wright) was there for the launch, and stepped on board to help serve up these delicious treats. The van travelled around the capital and was crowded by thousands of fans at each location. You can see a glimpse of our H-Van cooking up a storm in this video, courtesy of ‘Flicks and the City’, which shows Hempstead-Wright giving an interview.

Our H-Van certainly helped to capture the essence of a fantasy, medieval world. In just 10 days, we had it ready and fit for a king, where it reigned as a key attraction in this high profile campaign. The promotion was deemed to contribute to the overall success of this product launch, creating an experience that was memorable and impactful.

The Game of Thrones Season 2 box set is reported to have set a new record for HBO first-day DVD and Blu-ray sales, breaking the record previously set by Season 1. On its first day the box set sold 241,000 units, which is 44% higher than the first-day sales of Season 1. There were also 355,000 sales of episodes via digital download services, more than twice that for the first season.

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