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9 min read

Five Christmas marketing campaign ideas for the festive season

Christmas is traditionally the busiest time for the retail sector and there will likely be even more enthusiasm for Christmas shopping this year as people make up for last year’s...

13 min read

Tips for planning a large scale promotional vehicle campaign

There is no doubt that an ambitious campaign featuring a fully converted and wrapped promotional vehicle, ready for taking out on the road, will make a great impact on your target...

10 min read

How to plan a great doorstep promotional campaign

As we approach autumn and winter, indoor marketing events are still on the back burner due to the Covid-19 pandemic and we have come to the end of the festival and summer show...

6 min read

The five essential ingredients for successful promotional campaigns

Promotional campaigns come in many guises and at times it is tricky to know where to start. First you have to be crystal clear about what it is you actually want to achieve from...

9 min read

Tips for hiring a winning promotional team for your campaign

A promotional campaign involves so much build up – you spend weeks or even months planning for its arrival, visualising and anticipating the outcome. You want to ensure that the...

9 min read

How to plan promotional campaign logistics and vehicle routes

Successful marketing campaigns using promotional vehicles involve a lot of planning, from selecting the right vehicle for your activity, to designing the branded wrap. But once...

11 min read

7 promo support services to level up your next campaign

Deciding to hire a promotional vehicle to use for a brand activation or product launch campaign is the first of many decisions you will need to make to ensure your event is a...

10 min read

How to do product sampling with a promotional vehicle

With proper planning and preparation, product sampling campaigns are proven to be an effective way to introduce a new product to your target audience and get their feedback.  What...

7 min read

A Quick Guide to the Top Product Sampling Locations for 2021

How do you hold a successful product sampling campaign when so many traditional locations get ruled out?

Before our lives were turned upside down by the Covid-19 global pandemic,...

6 min read

Five creative product launch ideas to inspire your campaign

As marketers are having to think outside of the box for Covid-friendly campaigns, it can seem like everyone is going virtual. At first this was a clever way to pivot and stand...