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7 min read

A Quick Guide to the Top Product Sampling Locations for 2021

How do you hold a successful product sampling campaign when so many traditional locations get ruled out?

Before our lives were turned upside down by the Covid-19 global pandemic,...

6 min read

Five creative product launch ideas to inspire your campaign

As marketers are having to think outside of the box for Covid-friendly campaigns, it can seem like everyone is going virtual. At first this was a clever way to pivot and stand...

6 min read

Why are product launch videos important for brand success?

According to growth platform HubSpot’s research, upwards of 50% of consumers want brands to produce video over and above any other type of content.

Time after time, video trumps...

5 min read

How branded vehicles can support product sampling campaigns

So, you’re planning a product sampling campaign. You’ve got the samples and the locations lined up, and you’re looking forward to seeing how people react when they try out your...

5 min read

Event Planning Post Covid-19 – 5 Safety Tips

Has your product launch or brand awareness activity been on the back burner during the Pandemic?  You’re not alone.  According to Better Retailing, stores are likely to face an...

6 min read

Product launch ideas in a post-lockdown world

In the wake of Covid-19, brand events and product launches have changed. With potentially more flexibility for people to work remotely, targeting audiences may feel more...