Planted: Creating the UK's greenest Food Truck

By James Weber on Aug 4, 2023 4:04:03 PM

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Promohire create the UKs greenest food truck for Planted

In this in-depth case study we detail how we worked with Planted on a brand awareness campaign, resulting in the creation of the UK's most sustainable food truck!


Who are Planted?

Planted are a Swiss plant based food company, aiming to reduce the negative impact of traditional meat on the planet through healthy and tasty meat alternatives.


What did Planted want?

Planted came to us with a dream to create the UKs most sustainable food truck, aiming to prepare and serve a range of their delicious meat alternatives as samples to prospective customers.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-21 at 09.27.16 (6)The truck would be as sustainable as feasibly possible using current technology, with the plan being to modify an electric vehicle into a mobile kitchen capable of batch cooking enough meals for the Planted team to keep pace with the demands of hungry crowds in high footfall areas.

Planted wanted to make the vehicle a permanent marketing asset, and had drawn up detailed plans of future campaigns to justify their investment.

They planned to commission and purchase the vehicle before Summer in order to take advantage of numerous food festivals combined with pleasant weather. 

Without physical stores, the vehicle would serve as a brand hub and mobile kitchen combined, helping them to make their mark on the UK market. 


How did Promohire help?

Planted interiorWe sourced, purchased and modified a Mercedes e-Sprinter van for Planted, building building in a mobile kitchen from scratch.

We constructed the stainless steel counters and serving hatch ourselves, and also installed the appliances, ventilation, electricity and plumbing required to make the kitchen functional.

solar panels planted

A lithium/solar recharge system runs most of the kitchen whilst static, with an electric engine powering the van whilst out on the road.

Our design team also worked closely with Planted to brand the van according to their guidelines and specifications. We also supplied Planted with additional signage and collateral.  


What was the result?

"Just look at what we've ended up with" beams Liv Sinclair, Marketing Manger at Planted. "We are hoping to hit 75,000 taste buds this Summer alone, and all of that is only possible through our awesome truck!"

"So Promohire have really helped deliver something that helped us achieve our goals, and it's only [going to help us grow] from strength to strength!"

"My experience with Promohire was awesome! I think Gary and the team did such a good job, not only with the final output, but also bringing me along the journey the whole way, so thank you very much!" 

The van has become a permanent marketing asset for the Planted team, who showcased the van at Taste London 2023 and other venues up and down the country this year.


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