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QV Skincare's airstream roadshow

By Richard Clark on May 8, 2024 3:08:15 PM

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QV Skincare's Airstream Roadshow - From London to Edinburgh


In this case study, Yvette Harapa from The Do Collective agency explains the challenges of running a nationwide campaign for QV Skincare from the other side of the world!

Watch the video interview to hear what Yvette has to say about the campaign, their branded airstream trailer, and how Promohire helped make the whole thing a roaring success!

Who are QV Skincare?

QV Skincare was founded 70 years ago in association with Australia’s famous Queen Victoria Hospital. The company started by formulating a special bath oil for the dermatology ward but now produces a range of lotions and creams, ointments, and hydrating washes. Their products are vegan, steroid-free, and dermatologically tested on people.

QV aims to reach customers all over the UK, helping them with skin conditions, dryness, complexion issues and more.

What did QV Skincare want?

QV Skincare’s goal was to spread awareness of the brand and get people talking about their products. They decided early on that attendees should be able to try out products on-site, and then leave with samples to use at home.

But first, QV had a problem to solve...

How do you arrange a campaign across multiple cities from the other side of the world, yet provide the same experience each and every time?

Whatever the solution, they’d need a sampling space that was hygienic, practical, and able to withstand heavy foot traffic.

They’d also need a reliable partner who could source locations and help with the set-up of each event. These would be held in four big UK cities; namely London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Edinburgh. The campaign would also feature games and a photo op to help boost engagement.

Finally, they’d need someone to make light work of a challenging campaign, helping to organise brand ambassadors, plus photography and filming, so the QV staff could focus on educating visitors about their products.

QV Skincare Airstream - Education

How did Promohire help?

Working closely with QV Skincare and Yvette at The Do Collective, Promohire took a blank airstream, stripped it out and fitted ‘sampling stops’ where people could go in and try out several skincare products. This meant adding a sink, an interactive product wall, product panels, and wall decorations that were both attractive and educational.

The whole airstream was branded inside and out to suit QV Skincare’s vision. They needed the space to fit many people and display items at once – so clever use of space was a must!

QV Skincare Airstream Inside

The gamification element was a spin-the-wheel competition and a bathtub with prizes.

Additionally, Promohire and their sister company Raccoon sent a videographer to take photos and reels that could then be posted on social channels.

By providing location consultancy, arranging the brand ambassadors, photos and filming, and a fully branded airstream, Promohire delivered a truly one-stop service.

Above all, this meant QV Skincare was able to achieve their campaign goals from the other side of the world without having to reduce the scope or quality of each event. They could literally run a successful campaign from over 10,000 miles away!

Bath 2

What was the result?

QV Skincare and visitors all agreed the airstream trailer was eye-catching, and that the whole event was fun, engaging, but also educational. QV continues to hear from people who attended and now want to learn more about the products they sell. The free samples were also hugely successful, with all sampling bags taken away and prizes given out.

As Yvette says, ‘QV Skincare is now having quality conversations with potential customers, which is great to see’.

QV Skincare and The Do Collective found Promohire hands-on and easy to work with, which meant a seamless campaign that continued to grow bigger and more successful. In fact, they’re now thinking about a second campaign, with a new vehicle that would allow for even more foot traffic than the airstream trailer.

 QV Skincares Airtsream Trailer - Spin the wheel  QV Skincares Airstream - Samples

Do you need someone to bring your mobile campaign to life?

At Promohire, we have a wide range of vehicles available for hire. These can be fully customised and branded, from the internal fixtures right through to the wrap and any 3D props you might need. As you’ve seen with QV Skincare’s custom airstream, we’re able to assist with much more than just the branding and fit-out of the vehicle.

Not only can you choose from options like decorated ice cream vans and branded double-decker buses, but you’ll also get a partner who can set up the events and manage logistics.

If you’re interested in making a big impact with your next campaign, check out our helpful guide to costs and services. After that, why not use our budget calculator? This will help you plan your expenses, so you know just what to budget for. You can then get in touch to get your project moving in the right direction.

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Written by Richard Clark

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