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Are You Using Promotional Vehicles in Product Launches?

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Dare to be different

How brands and agencies can take a fresh approach to product launches after lockdown.

Traditionally, product launch events took a similar approach year after year. After all, if it isn't broken, why fix it?

If anything, Covid-19 and lockdown has taught everyone to be more inventive.

But as we emerge from lockdown how can we continue to innovate and engage with audiences in a socially-distanced outdoor setting?

That's where promotional vehicles come in. 

Our eBook shows you just how much versatility promotional vehicles can bring to your campaign - along with inspiration to get you started on outdoor brand activations!

In this eBook you'll learn...

How lockdown has shaped consumer behavior

The benefits of outdoor product launch events post-lockdown

How promotional vehicles can rescue your campaign plans

Inspirational ideas using different types of promo vehicle


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